Tuesday, July 13, 2010

7 Principles of Rational Living

Kelmarin aku duk la rodek-rodek (surfing) internet kat ofis.. terjumpa la satu article yg sgt menarik hati .. Article ini based on buku yg ditulis oleh Robert J. Ringer... Jom kita lihat 7 Prinsip Kehidupan Yang Rasional..
Robert J. Ringer outlines seven different principles that he believes you have to live by in order to not only get what you want out of life but to find happiness too. These principles are:

1. Base your actions on truth
2. Focus on value, not entitlements
3. Make choices with civility, dignity, honesty, and humility
4. Avoid those who drain your personal resources
5. Rid yourself of major encumbrances (beban)
6. Develop the self-discipline to act on intellect, not impulse
7. Learn from bad breaks and move on

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