Thursday, April 15, 2010

In Course Preview...

Hari ni aku akan taip balik apa yang aku rasa dan alami..the day aku di IPN masa kursus Better Spoken English tu..sebab pada hari tersebut Mr. Daniel telah tugaskan kami untuk menulis sesuatu...this the result:

5 Ogos 2009 (Wednesday), 9.05pm

I'm alone in my room. Aza went out having discussion with her group. I think they will discuss about the 'drama' that we should be presenting on Thursday night. My group probably will having some problems because one of our group member will go home tomorrow. Then, I'm thinking that how could my group will present the 'drama' if our group member only four rather than the others group having six members. Oh..My God! I need to discuss this problem with the others member tomorrow.

Actually, when Mr. Daniel asked the class to write down the dairies, it was an easy task for me because i'm always write the blog. But the blog that I always write was in Malay langguage. It was the same thing but the only thing I can change is write it down in English language. Then, thats the thing I'm doing now. I promise by next Monday I will copy this article and put it into my blog (so quite late to posting this article..i'm bit busy nowadays). I really hope that all of my friends will read it and give some comments.

At this time, I really hope that someone will give me a call before he go to Brisbane, Australia tonight. I'll pray for that. Please call me back!! 5 days you will be there. For sure that I will miss you so much.

Inilah petikan pendek utk kanak-kanak yang baru belajar English mcm aku ni..hehehe...

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